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Basic geometry types.

This package aims to offer a standard set of geometry types that easily work with metadata, query frameworks on geometries and different memory layouts. The aim is to create a solid basis for graphics/plotting, finite element analysis, geo applications, and general geometry manipulations - while offering a Julian API that still allows performant C-interop.

This package is a replacement for the discontinued GeometryTypes.

Documentation: http://juliageometry.github.io/GeometryBasics.jl/stable/


Make sure your changes don't break the documentation.

To build the documentation locally, you first need to instantiate the docs/ project:

julia --project=docs/
pkg> instantiate
pkg> dev .

Then use julia --project=docs/ docs/make.jl to build the documentation. This will also run the doctests defined in Markdown files. The doctests should be written for the Julia version configured in ci.yml (:docs section).