SparseArrays.jl is a Julia stdlib
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This package ships as part of the Julia stdlib.

SparseArrays.jl provides functionality for working with sparse arrays in Julia.

Using development versions of this package

To use a newer version of this package, you need to build Julia from scratch. The build process is the same as any other build except that you need to change the commit used in stdlib/SparseArrays.version.

It's also possible to load a development version of the package using the trick used in the Section named "Using the development version of Pkg.jl" in the Pkg.jl repo, but the capabilities are limited as all other packages will depend on the stdlib version of the package and will not work with the modified package.

The main environment may become inconsistent so you might need to run Pkg.instantiate() and/or Pkg.resolve() in the main or project environments if Julia complains about missing Serialization.jl in this package's dependencies.

For older (1.8 and before) SuiteSparse.jl needs to be bumped too.

Updating SuiteSparse

In order to upgrade SparseArrays.jl to use a new release of SuiteSparse, the following steps are necessary:

  1. Update SuiteSparse in Yggdrasil
  2. Update the SuiteSparse wrappers in SparseArrays.jl/gen and generate the new wrappers
  3. Run BumpStdlibs to update the SparseArrays.jl version in julia master
  4. Update the relevant stdlibs in Julia to pull in the new releases

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