Abstract types and methods for Gaussian Processes.
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AbstractGPs.jl is a package that defines a low-level API for working with Gaussian processes (GPs), and basic functionality for working with them in the simplest cases. As such it is aimed more at developers and researchers who are interested in using it as a building block than end-users of GPs.



AbstractGPs is an officially registered Julia package, so the following will install AbstractGPs using the Julia's package manager:

] add AbstractGPs


# Import packages.
using AbstractGPs, Plots

# Generate toy synthetic data.
X = rand(10)
Y = sin.(rand(10))

# Define GP prior with Matern32 kernel
f = GP(Matern32Kernel())

# Finite projection at the inputs `X`
fx = f(X, 0.001)

# Data's log-likelihood w.r.t prior GP `f`. 
logpdf(fx, Y)

# Exact posterior given `Y`.
p_fx = posterior(fx, Y)

# Data's log-likelihood w.r.t posterior GP `p_fx`. 
logpdf(p_fx(X), Y)

# Plot posterior.
scatter(X, Y; label="Data")
plot!(-0.5:0.001:1.5, p_fx; label="Posterior")

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