Data-driven models for extremely precise radial velocity (EPRV) spectra
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StellarSpectraObservationFitting.jl (SSOF, /suf/ like soufflé)

StellarSpectraObservationFitting (SSOF) is a Julia package for measuring radial velocities and creating data-driven models (with fast, physically-motivated Gaussian Process regularization) for the time-variable spectral features for both the telluric transmission and stellar spectrum measured by Extremely Precise Radial Velocity (EPRV) spectrographs (while accounting for the wavelength-dependent instrumental line-spread function)


For more details and options, see the documentation


This package is in rapid development so do not expect any stability yet, but the current version can be installed with the following

using Pkg
# Pkg.develop(;url = "")  # if you wanted to be able to locally edit the code easily