Julia framework for energy system models with a focus on multi-period capacity expansion
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AnyMOD.jl is a Julia framework for creating large scale energy system models with multiple periods of capacity expansion formulated as linear optimization problems. It was developed to address the challenges in modelling high-levels of intermittent generation and sectoral integration. A comprehensive description of the framework's graph based methodology can found in the working paper Göke (2020), AnyMOD - A graph-based framework for energy system modelling with high levels of renewables and sector integration. The software itself is seperately introduced in Göke (2020), AnyMOD.jl: A Julia package for creating energy system models.

Any questions, suggestions, feature requests, or contributions are welcome. To get in touch open an issue or use the chat.


  • STABLElast thoroughly tested and fully documented version
  • DEVin-development version of the tool


The development of AnyMOD is receiving funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme within the OSMOSE project under grant agreement No 773406.