Algorithms and syntax for building CSG objects within Julia.
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Algorithms and syntax to define CSG objects in Julia.

This module is currently a work in progress, roughly at the “proof of concept” stage. The following work at least in some cases:

  • an easy-to-use syntax for defining solids and CSG operations;
  • meshing of most 2d and 3d operations;
  • output as an OpenSCAD file.

It is possible to use this module to define basic 3d models:

s1 = sphere(20)
s2 = cube(20)
mesh(s1  s2)
mesh(s1  s2)
mesh(s1 \ s2)
mesh(hull(s1, s2))

gives the following output: CSG operations on a sphere and a cube

(although the meshes were computed by the Julia module, OpenSCAD was used for rendering the image. This will change in a future release.)

It is also possible to export a model as a .svg (for 2d shapes) or .stl (for 3d volumes) file.

The roadmap now includes at least the following:

  • built-in visualization of models;
  • .stl file import, and I/O to more formats;
  • add more convenience constructors (e.g. for transforms);
  • implement missing operators: 3d Minkowski sum; 2d/3d Minkowski; path extrusion; text();
  • add an annotation system to ease the design of complex models;
  • add an anchor system.

Any contributions are welcome!

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