Plotting functionality for Agents.jl - Agent-Based Modelling in Julia
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As of Agents.jl v4.0.2, functionality of this package has been incorporated there. Therefore this package will no longer be maintained and will soon be archived.


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Plotting functionality for Agents.jl agent-based modeling in Julia.

Agents.jl is a Julia framework for agent-based modeling (ABM). It provides a structure and components for quickly implementing agent-based models, run them in batch, collect data, and visualize them.

AgentsPlots.jl is plotting functionality for 2D grid models in Agents.jl


Install using the following command inside Julia:

]add AgentsPlots

It is compatible with Julia 1.0+.


Any contribution to Agents.jl is welcome in the following ways:

  • Modifying the code or documentation with a pull request.
  • Reporting bugs and suggestions in the issues section of the project's Github.

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