Geographical plotting utilities for Makie.jl
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Geographic plotting utilities for Makie.jl Makie.jl

Stable Dev CI

This package is in development, and may break often. You can install it from the REPL like so:

]add GeoMakie

To check the version, run:

julia> ]
pkg> status GeoMakie

To use, simply type using GeoMakie into the REPL. You will also have to include the backend of your choice - we suggest using GLMakie for interactive use and using CairoMakie for PDF or SVG output.

Quick start

The main entry point to GeoMakie is the function GeoAxis(fig[i, j]; kw_args...). It creates an axis which accepts nonlinear projections, but is otherwise identical in usage to Makie's Axis. Projections are accepted as PROJ-strings, and can be set through the source="+proj=latlong +datum=WGS84" and dest="+proj=eqearth" keyword arguments to GeoAxis.

fig = Figure()
ga = GeoAxis(
    fig[1, 1]; # any cell of the figure's layout
    dest = "+proj=wintri", # the CRS in which you want to plot
    coastlines = true # plot coastlines from Natural Earth, as a reference.
scatter!(ga, -120:15:120, -60:7.5:60; color = -60:7.5:60, strokecolor = (:black, 0.2))


As you can see, the axis automatically transforms your input from the source CRS (default "+proj=longlat +datum=WGS84") to the dest CRS.

You can also use quite a few other plot types and projections:

fieldlons = -180:180; fieldlats = -90:90
field = [exp(cosd(lon)) + 3(lat/90) for lon in fieldlons, lat in fieldlats]

img = rotr90(
land =

fig = Figure(resolution = (1000, 1000))

ga1 = GeoAxis(fig[1, 1]; dest = "+proj=ortho", coastlines = true, lonlims = (-90, 90), title = "Orthographic\n ")
ga2 = GeoAxis(fig[1, 2]; dest = "+proj=moll", title = "Image of Earth\n ")
ga3 = GeoAxis(fig[2, 1]; coastlines = false, title = "Plotting polygons")
ga4 = GeoAxis(fig[2, 2]; dest = "+proj=natearth", title = "Auto limits") # you can plot geodata on regular axes too

surface!(ga1, fieldlons, fieldlats, field; colormap = :rainbow_bgyrm_35_85_c69_n256, shading = false)
image!(ga2, -180..180, -90..90, img; interpolate = false) # this must be included
poly!(ga3, land[50:100]; color = 1:51, colormap = (:plasma, 0.5))
poly!(ga4, land[22]); datalims!(ga4)



Instructions for the as/geoaxis branch

In the REPL, run ]add GeoMakie#as/geoaxis Makie#master CairoMakie#master MakieCore#master

To clean up, run the following in Julia:

using Pkg
Pkg.rm.(["GeoMakie", "Makie", "CairoMakie", "MakieCore"])
Pkg.add.(["Makie", "CairoMakie", "MakieCore"])

Please see the documentation for examples and basic usage.