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Read and write MATLAB files in Julia

This library can read MATLAB .mat files, both in the older v5/v6/v7 format, as well as the newer v7.3 format.


This is installed using the standard tools of the package manager:

pkg> add MAT

where you get the pkg> prompt by hitting ] as the first character of the line. (Exit pkg mode by hitting backspace or Ctrl-C as the first character of the line.)

See also the requirements for the HDF5 module, used for "v7.3" files and for writing *.mat files.


To load the module:

using MAT

To read a single variable from a MAT file (compressed files are detected and handled automatically):

file = matopen("matfile.mat")
read(file, "varname") # note that this does NOT introduce a variable ``varname`` into scope

To write a variable to a MAT file:

file = matopen("matfile.mat", "w")
write(file, "varname", variable)

To read all variables from a MAT file as a Dict:

vars = matread("matfile.mat")

To write a Dict to a MAT file, using its keys as variable names. The compress argument is optional, and compression is off by default:

matwrite("matfile.mat", Dict(
	"myvar1" => 0,
	"myvar2" => 1
); compress = true)

To get a list of variable names in a MAT file:

file = matopen("matfile.mat")
varnames = keys(file)

To check for the presence of a variable name in a MAT file:

file = matopen("matfile.mat")
if haskey(file, "variable")
    # something


  • All files are written in MATLAB v7.3 format.
  • MATLAB v4 files are not currently supported.


The MAT_HDF5 module, which provides read/write support for MATLAB v7.3 files, was written primarily by Tim Holy. The MAT_v5 module, which provides read support for MATLAB v5/v6/v7 files, was written primarily by Simon Kornblith.