Frame-connection on localization microscopy data
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SMLMFrameConnection performs frame-connection on localization microscopy data organized in an SMLMData.SMLD2D structure ( Specifically, SMLMFrameConnection connects repeated localizations of a single blinking event of an emitter into a single higher precision localization. This is done using the algorithm(s) presented in Localizations which were connected will share the same unique integer value for the field SMLMData.SMLD2D.connectID.


Once an SMLMData.SMLD2D structure is fully populated, the user only needs to run a single high-level method from the package: frameconnect(). All fields of the SMLMData.SMLD2D structure must be populated with either meaningful values (e.g., for fields like x, y, σ_x, σ_y, and framenum, which the algorithm depends on) or by placeholders with a meaningful size (e.g., fields like bg and σ_bg, which may not be available, should be set to something like = zeros(Float64, length(smld.framenum)), and σ_bg = fill(Inf64, length(smld.framenum))).

The algorithm can be run on the fully populated smld::SMLMData.SMLD2D with default parameters as

smld_connected, smld_preclustered, smld_combined, params = SMLMFrameConnection.frameconnect(smld)

The output smld_connected is a copy of smld with the field smld.connectID updated to associate connected localizations. smld_preclustered is a copy of smld with the field smld_preclustered.connectID updated to associate localizations that belonged to the same precluster. smld_combined contains the combined higher precision localizations (i.e., smld_combined=SMLMFrameConnection.combinelocalizations(smld_connected)) and is considered the main output of this package. params is a structure containing the user-defined and internally-defined parameters used in the algorithm.

Several user-defined parameters can be changed as optional keyword arguments to frameconnect():

smld_connected, smld_preclustered, smld_combined, params = SMLMFrameConnection.frameconnect(smld;
    nnearestclusters = 2, nsigmadev = 5.0,
    maxframegap = 5, nmaxnn = 2)

See the documentation in SMLMFrameConnection/structdefinitions.jl for a description of these parameters and for guidance to which functions use them.


David J. Schodt and Keith A. Lidke, "Spatiotemporal Clustering of Repeated Super-Resolution Localizations via Linear Assignment Problem", Frontiers in Bioinformatics, 2021

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