Darcy flow and reservoir simulator based on Jutul.jl
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Reservoir simulation in Julia

JutulDarcy.jl: Darcy-scale and subsurface flow (CO2 sequestration, gas/H2 storage, oil/gas fields) using Jutul.jl developed by the Computational Geosciences group at SINTEF Digital.

Key features

  • Written in pure Julia, with automatic differentiation and dynamic sparsity detection
  • Support for sensitivities with respect to any model parameters using the adjoint method
  • High performance assembly and linear solvers, with support for two-stage CPR BILU(0)-CPR Krylov solvers
  • Equation-of-state compositional, immiscible and black oil flow is supported and validated against existing simulators
  • Unstructured grids and complex cases input from the Matlab Reservoir Simulation Toolbox (MRST) using the jutul module.
  • Support for general multisegment wells with rigorous mass balance, complex well limits and time-dependent controls
  • 3D visualization of grids and wells in JutulViz.jl
  • Interactive plotting of well curves

The compositional simulator has been matched against commercial offerings, AD-GPRS and MRST. The blackoil simulator has been validated on the standard SPE benchmarks (SPE1, SPE9, ...).

Example run times on benchmarks

Name Cells Report steps Preconditioner Time [s]
SPE1CASE2 300 120 block-ILU(0) 0.30
SPE9 9000 35 block-ILU(0) 3.41
Egg 18553 123 CPR-block-ILU(0) 8.60

Simulated with julia -O2, no threads.

A few of the packages used by Jutul and JutulDarcy

Jutul builds upon many of the excellent packages in the Julia ecosystem. Here are a few of them, and what they are used for:

...and many more, both directly in the Project.toml file and indirectly!

Getting started

Install Julia and add the package to your environment of choice:

using Pkg

You can then run any of the examples in the examples directory by including them.

Additional examples and further reading

The documentation is still work in progress, but contains a fair bit of useful information. In addition, see the examples folder for more information. Some functionality is also demonstrated in the tests. There are also examples in JutulExamples that may occasionally be a bit out of date.

Internals and undocumented functions are subject to change at this time. However, the main interface for the reservoir simulator itself seen in the examples should be fairly stable.