A prototype of a reactive Webapp for bitemporal data management of insurance contracts.
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This is a prototype reactive web app for bitemporal data management based on a Julia bitemporal data management API and a UI based on Stipple and QUASAR (where Stipple did not yet provide a solution, or I didn't find one).

Architecture is MVVM

  • BitemporalReactive connects the business model to the view model and provides event handling.
  • ContractSectionView defines the view model, the UI elements, and their data bindings.
  • LifeInsuranceDataModel - an imported package - provides the business model and logic based on a framework for bitemporal data management
  • LifeInsuranceProduct - an imported package - provides actuarial computations (mostly ony a placeholder by now)

Current features are:

  • populating the database
  • displaying contract versions and history

How it works (ie: is planned to work)

The app creates or mutates bitemporal entities as of a point in reference time. A bitemporal transaction - here also called workflow - is started in two ways:

creation of entities initially produces

  • an instance of history - the root of bitemporal entities -
  • a version
  • a validity_interval

update of entities initially creates

  • a version
  • a valididity_interval and references
  • a given history

While these data comprise the scaffolding needed for bitemporal tracking of mutations, components and revisions comprise the business payload, as well as subcomponents and their revisions. Thus

mutation of Business data consists of

-creation or invalidation of components/subcomponents together with their revisions and of

  • updates of attributes of revisions

How To Explore

work in progress To populate the database use this notebook

Demo: Opening this project in GITPOD using the gitpod Button on the repo page gitpod Button on the repo page

You get an environment with a running database populated with sample data, the Webapp running and link to open a browser window. Port8000Open

App in action. In the beginning (only) it is quite slow due to just in time compiling