Base API optimized for tuples
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Baselet: Base API optimized for tuples

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  • Baselet.$f provides a possibly-optimized version of $f exported from Base (e.g., Baselet.sort(::Tuple)).

  • Baselet.Specialized.$f provides a function $f with a subset of API from Base.$f that is guaranteed to have optimized specializations (e.g., Baselet.Specialized.sort(::Tuple)).

  • Baselet.$f fallbacks to Base.$f if associated Baselet.Specialized.$f is not found. For example, Baselet.sort(::Vector) just calls Base.sort(::Vector).

The list of supported functions can be found by typing Baselet.Specialized. + TAB in the REPL:

julia> using Baselet

julia> Baselet.Specialized.
accumulate   cumprod      findall      flatten      isdisjoint   sort
all          cumsum       findfirst    foreach      issubset     symdiff
any          enumerate    findlast     getindex     maximum      union
argmax       extrema      findmax      in           minimum      unique
argmin       filter       findmin      intersect    setdiff      zip

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