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Important: Genie v4 is not compatible with Julia version 1.8 and up. For Julia 1.8 and up support, please use Genie 5. If you have applications developed with Genie v4, please upgrade them to Genie 5, by following the migration guide provided in the Genie docs.

Julia data dashboards powered by Genie

Genie is a full-stack web framework that provides a streamlined and efficient workflow for developing modern web applications. It builds on Julia's strengths (high-level, high-performance, dynamic, JIT compiled), exposing a rich API and a powerful toolset for productive web development.

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Genie v4 and Julia v1.8 compatibility issue: modules_warned_for not defined

Due to an issue caused by the removal of some APIs in Julia 1.8, **Genie v4 apps can not run on Julia 1.8**. This results in a `LoadError: UndefVarError: modules_warned_for not defined` exception when loading a Genie v4 app on Julia 1.8 and above.

Please follow the Genie v4 to Genie v5 migration guide to update your app and make it compatible with Julia 1.8 and above.

Table of contents


πŸ› Genie Router: Genie has a really powerful πŸ’ͺ Router. Matching web requests to functions, extracting and setting up the request's variables and the execution environment, and invoking the response methods. Features include:

  • Static, Dynamic, Named routing
  • Routing parameters
  • Linking routes
  • Route management (Listing, Deleting, Modifying) support
  • Routing methods (GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE, OPTIONS)
  • and more ...
# Genie Hello World!
# As simple as Hello
using Genie
route("/hello") do
    "Welcome to Genie!"

# Powerful high-performance HTML view templates
using Genie.Renderer.Html
route("/html") do
    h1("Welcome to Genie!") |> html

# JSON rendering built in
using Genie.Renderer.Json
route("/json") do
    (:greeting => "Welcome to Genie!") |> json

# Start the app!

πŸ”Œ WebSocket: Genie provides a powerful workflow for client-server communication over websockets

julia> using Genie, Genie.Router

julia> channel("/foo/bar") do
         # process request
[WS] /foo/bar => #1 | :foo_bar

πŸ“ƒ Templating: Built-in templates support for HTML, JSON, Markdown, JavaScript views.

πŸ” Authentication: Easy to add database backed authentication for restricted area of a website.

julia> using Pkg

julia> Pkg.add("GenieAuthentication") # adding authentication plugin

julia> using GenieAuthentication

julia> GenieAuthentication.install(@__DIR__)

⏰ Tasks: Tasks allow you to perform various operations and hook them with crons jobs for automation

module S3DBTask
# ... hidden code

  Downloads S3 files to local disk.
  Populate the database from CSV file
  function runtask()
    mktempdir() do directory
      @info "Path of directory" directory
      # download record file

      # unzip file

      # dump to database

# ... more hidden code
$ bin/runtask S3DBTask

πŸ“¦ Plugin Ecosystem: Explore plugins built by the community such as GenieAuthentication, GenieAutoreload, GenieAuthorisation, and more

πŸ—ƒοΈ ORM Support: Explore SearchLight a complete ORM solution for Genie, supporting Postgres, MySQL, SQLite and other adapters

function search(user_names, regions, startdate, enddate)
# ... hidden code

  where_filters = SQLWhereEntity[
      SQLWhereExpression("lower(user_name) IN ( $(repeat("?,", length(user_names))[1:end-1] ) )", user_names),
      SQLWhereExpression("date >= ? AND date <= ?", startdate, enddate)

  SearchLight.find(UserRecord, where_filters, order=[""])

# ... more hidden code
  • Database Migrations
module CreateTableRecord

import SearchLight.Migrations: create_table, column, primary_key, add_index, drop_table

function up()
  create_table(:record) do
      column(:user_uuid, :string, limit = 100)
      column(:user_name, :string, limit = 100)
      column(:status, :integer, limit = 4)
      column(:region, :string, limit = 20)
      column(:date_of_birth, :string, limit = 100)

  add_index(:record, :user_uuid)
  add_index(:record, :user_name)
  add_index(:record, :region)
  add_index(:record, :date_of_birth)

function down()

  • Model Validations

πŸ“ More Genie features like:

  • Files Uploads
route("/", method = POST) do
  if infilespayload(:yourfile)

    "No file uploaded"
  • Logging | Caching | Cookies and Sessions | Docker, Heroku, JuliaHub, etc Integrations | Genie Deploy
  • To explore more features check Genie Documentation πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈπŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

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Please contribute using GitHub Flow. Create a branch, add commits, and open a pull request.

Please read CONTRIBUTING for details on our CODE OF CONDUCT, and the process for submitting pull requests to us.

Special Credits

  • The awesome Genie logo was designed by Alvaro Casanova

  • Hoppscoth for readme structure template

  • Genie uses a multitude of packages that have been kindly contributed by the Julia community


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details.

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