Julia-API for bitemporal, that is: audit proof, CRUD based on SearchLight.jl and POSTGRES
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pkgeval Testing on Juliahub fails as PkgEval is not applicable because tests require a running POSTGRES server.

For use cases see a jupyter notebook with tests


BitemporalPostgres provides an API for application based bitemporal, that is: audit proof, transactions with Julia and Postgres DB. Transactions are "long", with persistent transaction data that is, so they can serve as a basis of workflow management: they can be suspended, resumed and delegated.

A bitemporal data manager creates or mutates bitemporal entities as of a point in reference time. A bitemporal transaction - here also called workflow - is started in two ways:

create_entity creates

  • an instance of history - the root of bitemporal entities -
  • a version
  • a validity_interval

update entity creates

  • a version
  • a valididity_interval and references
  • a given history

while these data comprise the scaffolding needed for bitemporal tracking of mutations, components and revisions comprise the business payload, as well as subcomponents and their revisions.

thus mutation of Business data consists of -creation or invalidation of components/subcomponents together with their revisions and of

  • updates of attributes of revisions




A web app using this module for persistence is being built at

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If You start this repo in gitpod, You can open this jupyter notebook in vscode and execute the included code snippets with julia and postgres up and running.

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