Fast forward simulations of extragalactic foregrounds
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XGPaint.jl paints maps of extragalactic foregrounds using halo catalogs. Please read the documentation.

Example (Planck 2013 CIB)

using XGPaint
using Healpix

## Load halos from HDF5 files, establish a CIB model and cosmology
halo_pos, halo_mass = read_halo_catalog_hdf5(
cosmo = get_cosmology(h=0.7f0, OmegaM=0.25f0)
model = CIBModel_Planck2013{Float32}()

## Allocate some arrays and file them up for centrals and satellites
sources = generate_sources(model, cosmo, halo_pos, halo_mass);

## Deposit the sources into maps
m = HealpixMap{Float64, RingOrder}(model.nside)
@time result = XGPaint.paint!(nu_obs=143.0f9,
    result_map=m.pixels, sources=sources, model=model)
Healpix.saveToFITS(m, "/media/data/cib143.fits")