Static types useful for dispatch and generated functions.
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Static defines a limited set of statically parameterized types and a common interface that is shared between them. Defining a new static type that conforms with this interface only requires defining the following:

  • Static.static(::T) - given the non-static type T return its static counterpart.
  • Static.is_static(::Type{S}) - given the static type S return True().
  • Static.known(::Type{S})- given the static type S return the known non-static value.

Fore example, the following would appropriately define the interface for StaticChar

Static.static(x::Char) = StaticChar(x)
Static.is_static(::Type{T}) where {T<:StaticChar} = True()
Static.known(::Type{StaticChar{C}}) where {C} = C::Char