Time-domain solver for the electromagnetic fields produced by arbitrary (electric and magnetic) charges and currents.
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JefimenkoModels.jl is a time-domain solver for the electromagnetic near-fields produced by an arbitrary distribution of charges and currents, both electric and magnetic. This solver implements a generalized version of the Jefimenko equations that enables the consideration of magnetic charges and currents, which are often a useful analytical tool in electromagnetics modeling. The solution process operates purely in the time-domain, enabling the study of wideband sources without artifacts caused by frequency-domain analysis and with reduced memory usage compared to FDTD methods.

This package leverages the UnitfulCoordinateSystems.jl package to provide a handy and performant way to deal with Unitful coordinate data.


This package remains in development status. Multiple dispatch is used to select the solver method appropriate for a particular source type. The implementation status of these methods is detailed in the following table.

Solver Method Implemented Tested

The LineSource_Straight solver methods have been validated against a major commercial software package's Method of Moments (MoM) solver for electric current line sources. For a single-frequency (CW) source signal, JefimenkoModels produced identical results as the competitor MoM solver. However, when the source signal was defined as a wideband transient pulse, the JefimenkoModels solver was substantially faster and more accurate: the MoM solver uses a discrete-frequency-domain transfer function that introduces artifacts/error when solving for wideband signals.

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