📐 An extension of Unitful.jl to include angles as a dimension.
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Extends Unitful.jl to include angle as a dimension and allow dispatching on angles.


Install DimensionfulAngles.jl the usual way Julia packages are installed, i.e., using Julia package manager:

using Pkg

or in the Pkg REPL (enter from the Julia REPL with ]):

pkg> add DimensionfulAngles

Documentation 📜

Documentation of latest stable release. Documentation for the current code status in the <em>main</em> branch.

The full documentation can be found at https://cmichelenstrofer.github.io/DimensionfulAngles.

Citing 📝

DOI of latest version

If you use this code for your research please consider citing:

Michelén Ströfer, C. A. (2022). DimensionfulAngles.jl (Version 0.1.0) [Computer software]. https://github.com/cmichelenstrofer/DimensionfulAngles.jl


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Basic Usage

Use DimensionfulAngles.jl for units containing angles and Unitful.jl for all other units. The units in DimensionfulAngles.jl are differentiated from their dimensionless counterparts with a subscript . Simply add this subscript to any angle units to make it dimensionful. In Julia environments this can be typed as \^a<tab>.

julia> using Unitful

julia> using DimensionfulAngles

julia> dimensionless_angle = 1u"rad"

1 rad

julia> dimensionful_angle = 1u"radᵃ"
1 rad

julia> typeof(dimensionless_angle)
Quantity{Int64, NoDims, Unitful.FreeUnits{(rad,), NoDims, nothing}}

julia> typeof(dimensionful_angle)
Quantity{Int64, 𝐀, Unitful.FreeUnits{(rad,), 𝐀, nothing}}

When defining quantities with units from DimensionfulAngles.jl you can use the ua string instead and omit the subscript . But when defining quantities with units from both it is more convenient to use the u string.

julia> dimensionful_angle = 1ua"rad"
1 rad

julia> typeof(dimensionful_angle)
Quantity{Int64, 𝐀, Unitful.FreeUnits{(rad,), 𝐀, nothing}}

julia> angular_velocity = 1.2u"radᵃ/s"
1.2 rad s⁻¹

julia> typeof(angular_velocity)
Quantity{Float64, 𝐀 𝐓⁻¹, Unitful.FreeUnits{(rad, s⁻¹), 𝐀 𝐓⁻¹, nothing}}

A third alternative is to directly import only the units you will be using and renaming those from DimensionfulAngles.jl to remove the superscript .

julia> using Unitful

julia> using Unitful: m, s, kg

julia> using DimensionfulAngles: radᵃ as rad, °ᵃ as °

julia> angular_velocity = 1.2rad / s
1.2 rad s⁻¹


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Carlos A. Michelén Ströfer

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Sebastian Stock

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Kristoffer Carlsson

Daniel Boland
Daniel Boland



Some portions of this software are adapted from:

  • UnitfulAngles.jl: Copyright (c) 2017: Yakir Luc Gagnon.
  • UnitfulUS.jl: Copyright (c) 2017, California Institute of Technology. All rights reserved.