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This package contains plotting tools for SeismicJulia project.

At the moment, it is updated and tested against Julia v1.


To use this package you must first install the Julia programming language. The package uses the Julia PyPlot and PyCall packages. Then, run the Julia application and type, at the prompt

julia>using Pkg
julia>using SeisPlot

If you use the SeismicJulia project, please cite the following paper

  title={Efficient geophysical research in Julia},
  author={Stanton, Aaron and Sacchi, Mauricio D},
  journal={CSEG GeoConvention 2016},

Basic usage

For SeisMain, please refer here.

The following example produces the figure below.

using SeisPlot
using SeisMain 
nt = size(d,1);
dt = h[1].d1;

plotpar = Dict(:xlabel=>"X",:dx=>1,
SeisPlot(d; style="overlay",plotpar...);

For developers: contributing to the project

  • New at GitHub? These basic commands and this dictionary might help.
  • This tutorial provides the basics steps you need to follow in order to fork the main repository, change the source code in your forked repository, commit the changes, and make pull requests using GitHub.
  • For contributions to the package, please follow the general guidelines given here:

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