Use command-line Git in your Julia packages
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Git.jl allows you to use command-line Git in your Julia packages. You do not need to have Git installed on your computer, and neither do the users of your packages!

Git.jl provides a Git binary via Git_jll.jl. The latest version of Git.jl requires at least Julia 1.6.

Git.jl is intended to work on any platform that supports Julia, including (but not limited to) Windows, macOS, Linux, and FreeBSD.


julia> using Git

julia> run(`$(git()) clone`)

This can equivalently be written with explicitly split arguments as

julia> run(git(["clone", ""]))

to bypass the parsing of the command string. Of course, one can also do

julia> import Git

julia> const git = Git.git()

julia> run(`$git clone`)

This is thread-safe since Cmd objects are not stateful. However, note that the git command object won't notice any changes to environmental variables (like GIT_CURL_VERBOSE for example) since it was created.

To read a single line of output from a git command you can use readchomp,

julia> cd("General")

julia> readchomp(`$(git()) remote get-url origin`)

and readlines for multiple lines.

julia> readlines(`$(git()) log`)


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