Utilities for characterizing sources in astronomical images.
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This is a package for performing astronomical photometry using modern and efficient algorithms.

Inspired by photutils, SEP, and AperturePhotometry.jl.


Here is a basic example to do some aperture photometry using CircularAperture. The photometry function performs the photometry using a given method. Please see the documentation for more examples and reference material.

data = ones(100, 100)
err = ones(100, 100)

ap1 = CircularAperture(50, 50, 3)
# partial overlap
ap2 = CircularAperture(0.5, 0.5, 5)

results = photometry([ap1, ap2], data, err)
@assert results.aperture_sum[1]  9π
@assert results.aperture_sum[2]  25π / 4


# output
Table with 4 columns and 2 rows:
     xcenter  ycenter  aperture_sum  aperture_sum_err
 150.0     50.0     28.2743       5.31736
 20.5      0.5      19.635        4.43113


Please see the to-do list above for project ideas as well as any open issues! If you add new functionality, please add appropriate documentation and testing. In addition, please increment the minor version of the package to reflect the new changes!


The work derived from astropy/photutils is BSD 3-clause and the work derived from kbarbary/sep is BSD 3-clause. All other work is considered MIT expat. Therefore this work as a whole is BSD 3-clause. LICENSE contains all licenses and any files using derived work are noted at the top of the file.