Biological sequences for the julia language
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BioSequences provides data types and methods for common operations with biological sequences, including DNA, RNA, and amino acid sequences.


You can install BioSequences from the julia REPL. Press ] to enter pkg mode, and enter the following:

add BioSequences

If you are interested in the cutting edge of the development, please check out the master branch to try new features before release.


BioSequences is tested against Julia 1.X on Linux, OS X, and Windows.

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We appreciate contributions from users including reporting bugs, fixing issues, improving performance and adding new features.

Take a look at the contributing files detailed contributor and maintainer guidelines, and code of conduct.

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If you have a question about contributing or using BioJulia software, come on over and chat to us on the Julia Slack workspace, or you can try the Bio category of the Julia discourse site.