Easy-to-use biological sequence tools working with DNA, RNA and aminoacid sequences.
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Work with biological sequences as simple as a text way!


1. Sequence identification for DNA or RNA by isdna, isrna functions.

2. Work with nucleotides:

  • Function transcript (xtranscript) for transcription of DNA to RNA (xtranscript for DNA with nucleobase not ATCG.)
  • Reverse-compliment sequence using DNArc and RNArc functions.
  • Retro-Transcription of RNA to DNA using RTanscript function.
  • Function RandSeq for generating DNA, RNA or amino acid chains. rand_dna_rna function to generate a dataframe for random DNAs and their transcription.
  • Use the tranlatedna function for translation of dna sequence (also can enter RNA sequence if needed) to amino acid sequence.
  • Primer design tools (in development)

3. Sequence alignment with nalign (DNA or RNA) and aalign (for amino acid sequences).

4. Outputs are text String that can be used in the further processing!


SimpleBio has been tested in macos, linux and windows environments with latest julia stable release.



To install SimpleBio, type ']' in REPL to enter Pkg mode and type:

add SimpleBio


To use SimpleBio, simply type in:

using SimpleBio

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