Astrodynamics with units! Provides common astrodynamics calculations, plotting, and iterative Halo, Kepler, and Lambert solvers.
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Common astrodynamics calculations, with units!

JuliaCon Talk

Check out GeneralAstrodynamics in action at JuliaCon 2021! The talk Going to Jupiter with Julia walks through a simple Jupiter mission design while gently introducing astrodynamics, Julia, and GeneralAstrodynamics.


Restricted Two-body Problem (R2BP)

  • Structures for Cartesian and Keplerian states, and R2BP systems
  • Functions which implement common R2BP equations
  • Kepler and Lambert solvers
  • Orbit propagation and plotting

Circular Restricted Three-body Problem (CR3BP)

  • Structures for dimensioned and normalized Cartesian states, and dimensioned and normalized CR3BP systems
  • Functions which implement common CR3BP equations
  • Analytical and iterative (numerical) Halo orbit solvers
  • Unstable and stable Halo orbit manifold computation
  • Orbit propagation and plotting
  • Zero-velocity curve computation and plotting

N-body Problem (NBP)

  • This was implemented in a previous package version, and is currently being refactored


Some quick examples are below!

# Installation
import Pkg
Pkg.add("GeneralAstrodynamics") # or julia> ]install GeneralAstrodynamics

# Loading
using GeneralAstrodynamics, Unitful

# Construct a R2BP orbit (massless spacecraft
# moving due to the gravity of one planet)
orbit = let e = 0.4, a = 10_000, i = Ω = ω = ν = 0, planet = Earth
    orbitalstate = KeplerianState(e, a, i, Ω, ω, ν)
    Orbit(orbitalstate, Earth)

# Alternatively, use a `CartesianState`
orbit = Orbit(
    CartesianState(randn(6)), # random state vector, [r..., v...]

# Construct a CR3BP orbit (massless spacecraft moving
# due to the gravity of two planets, both of which
# move in a circle about their common center of mass)
orbit = Orbit(
    CartesianState(randn(6)), # random state vector (again!)

# Propagate any orbit in time (after `using DifferentialEquations`)
using DifferentialEquations
trajectory = propagate(orbit, 10u"d") # unitful times are convenient here!

# Constract a periodic orbit within CR3BP dynamics (Halo orbit),
# and the orbital period `T` (also requires `DifferentialEquations`)
orbit, T = halo(SunEarth; L=1, Az=75_000u"km")

# Construct a manifold which converges to (stable), or
# diverges from (unstable) the Halo orbit
superslide = manifold(orbit, T; duration=2T, eps=-1e8, direction=Val{:stable})

# Plot any `Trajectory` or `Manifold` (after `using Plots`)
using Plots
plot(trajectory; title="R2BP Trajectory")
plot(propagate(orbit, T); vars=:XY, label="Halo Orbit", aspect_ratio=1)
plot(superslide; vars=:XY, title="Stable Manifold near Earth")

In the coming years, the Getting Started page will have code examples, and other documentation for fundamental astrodynamics concepts, and GeneralAstrodynamics usage. Stay tuned and/or submit pull requests!