[DEPRECATED: rendered useless by MathOptInterface.Bridges] A MathOptInterface extension for Semidefinite programming solvers
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This package is deprecated. It was used to reformulate MOI models in the SDPA format but this is now handled by MOI bridges.

SemidefiniteOptInterface (SDOI)

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This package make it easy to implement the API of MathOptInterface for semidefinite programming solver like CSDP, SDPA, DSDP and SDPLR that require the problem to be described in the following form:

max ⟨C, X⟩            min ⟨b, y⟩
    ⟨A_i, X⟩ = b_i        ∑ A_i y_i ⪰ C
          X  ⪰ 0

The well known SDPA file format uses this form but this package communicates to the solver directly and the solver wrappers use the C/C++ API without using a file.

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