A Julia package for robust neural networks.
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A Julia package for robust neural networks built from the Recurrent Equilibrium Network (REN) and Lipschitz-Bounded Deep Network (LBDN) model classes. Please visit the docs page for detailed documentation


To install the package, type the following into the REPL.

] add RobustNeuralNetworks

You should now be able to construct robust neural network models. The following example constructs a contracting REN and evalutates it given a batch of random initial states x0 and inputs u0.

using Random
using RobustNeuralNetworks

# Setup
rng = MersenneTwister(42)
batches = 10
nu, nx, nv, ny = 4, 2, 20, 1

# Construct a REN
contracting_ren_ps = ContractingRENParams{Float64}(nu, nx, nv, ny; rng=rng)
ren = REN(contracting_ren_ps)

# Some random inputs
x0 = init_states(ren, batches; rng=rng)
u0 = randn(rng,, batches)

# Evaluate the REN over one timestep
x1, y1 = ren(x0, u0)


The output should be:

[-31.41 0.57 -0.55 -3.56 -35.0 -18.28 -25.48 -7.49 -4.14 15.31]


Please contact Nic Barbara ( with any questions.

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