Allow Markdown to be hidden and revealed in Jupyter
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This module allows Markdown (and most HTML) to be hidden and revealed by pressing a button in an Jupyter notebook. You can also encode and decode the content using a Caesar cipher.

Revealables is useful for hiding and revealing answers to practice problems. When you choose, you can give students the password so they can decode the answers.


] add Revealables

You will generally want to use Revealables.jl with the hide_input Jupyter extension installed. This extension hides the code cells. Revealables will reveal the output when a button is pressed. If the extension is not installed, then the code will not be hidden. You can unhide the code cells by clicking on the chevron-up icon.

Instructions for installing Jupyter extensions can be found here. If you are using anaconda, which supplies the conda command, you can run the following:

conda install -c conda-forge jupyter_contrib_nbextensions

Then you must run:

jupyter contrib nbextension install --user
jupyter nbextension enable hide_input/main


Hide and show blocks of Markdown through code like this:

revealable("""Any Markdown can go here!""", "Button Label")

Please see the example notebook for more detail.

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