Collection of predefined dynamical systems for DynamicalSystems.jl
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Module which contains pre-defined dynamical systems that can be used by the DynamicalSystems.jl library. To install it, run import Pkg; Pkg.add("PredefinedDynamicalSystems").

Predefined systems exist as functions that return a DynamicalSystem instance. They are accessed like:

ds = PredefinedDynamicalSystems.lorenz(u0; ρ = 32.0)

The alias Systems is also exported as a deprecation.

This module is provided purely as a convenience. It does not have any actual tests, and it is not guaranteed to be stable in future versions. It is not recommended to use this module for anything else besides on-the-spot demonstrative examples.

For some systems, a Jacobian function is also defined. The naming convention for the Jacobian function is \$(name)_jacob. So, for the above example we have J = Systems.lorenz_jacob.

All available systems are provided in the documentation, which you can either find online or build locally by running the docs/make.jl file.