A three-way bridge between ExpressionTreeForge.jl, PartitionedStructures.jl and PartiallySeparableSolvers.jl
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PartiallySeparableNLPModels: Exploiting the partially-separable structure to define partitioned quasi-Newton NLPModels

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How to cite

If you use PartiallySeparableNLPModels.jl in your work, please cite using the format given in CITATION.bib.


The purpose of PartiallySeparableNLPModels.jl is to define automatically partially-separable NLPModels. Moreover, it defines several partitioned quasi-Newton models which are meant to be minimized through solvers from JSOSolvers.jl


Julia ≥ 1.6.

How to install

pkg> add PartiallySeparableNLPModels
pkg> test PartiallySeparableNLPModels

How to use

See the tutorial.


The module uses ExpressionTreeForge.jl to detect the partially-separable structure, PartitionedStructures.jl to allocate partitioned quasi-Newton approximations and PartitionedVectors.jl to fit the AbstractVector interface mandatory for AbstractNLPModel methods.

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