Read OpenStreetMap PBF files in Julia
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Julia library for reading OSM PBF. The basic interface is through the functions scan_nodes, scan_ways, and scan_relations, which calls the callback for each node, way, or relation, respectively. It may require several passes through the file to read everything, as there is no guarantee that (say) nodes come before ways. For instance, this code will extract all nodes that occur in highways. The interface is inspired by the very useful but unfortunately unmaintained imposm.parser for Python.

using OpenStreetMapPBF

highway_node_ids = Set{Int64}()
highway_nodes = Dict{Int64, Node}()

# parse ways
scan_ways(pbf_file_name) do way
    if haskey(way.tags, "highway")
        union!(highway_node_ids, way.nodes)

# second pass, parse nodes
scan_nodes(pbf_file_name) do node
    # store node
    if in(, highway_node_ids)
        highway_nodes[] = node

In some cases it may be valuable to parse nodes, ways, and relations in a single pass. This can be done with the function scan_pbf, which takes the name of the file as the first argument and named arguments nodes, ways, and relations with the appropriate callbacks (which can be anonymous functions or named functions, and any you don't need can be omitted).

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