Utilities for importing/exporting EDF Files to/from Onda datasets
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OndaEDF provides functionality to convert/import/export EDF files to/from Onda recordings; see the edf_to_onda_samples, edf_to_onda_annotations, and onda_to_edf docs/tests for details.

EDF Formatting Expectations

While OndaEDF attempts to be somewhat robust to more common nonstandard/noncompliant quirks that often appear in EDF files "in the wild", the package generally expects the caller to perform any necessary preprocessing to their EDFs to ensure they comply with the EDF/EDF+ standards/specifications, as well as a few other expectations to facilitate conversion to Onda.

These expectations are as follows:

  • EDF.Signal labels follow the standard "$TYPE $SPECIFICATION" structure defined by the EDF standards, and signal types documented by the aforementioned standard (EEG, EKG, etc.) are labeled in compliance with naming conventions defined by the standard.
  • EDF.Signals that are matched as channels to a common Onda.Signal must have the same physical_dimension, sample rate, and sample count.
  • The physical_dimension field for any given EDF.Signal is a value supported by OndaEDF.STANDARD_UNITS.

Note that callers can additionally use the custom_extractors argument to edf_to_onda_signals to workaround some of these expectations; see the import_edf docstring for more details.

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