Modules to analyse ocean model output or observational data that are saved as Raster data structures.
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Rasters.jl provides excellent methods for reading, analysing and plotting for geospatial data. This package contains modules that are useful for analysing oceanic data (either model output or gridded observations) and is designed to be used in conjunction with Rasters.jl. The modules are:

Using the package

The package is installed using Julia's package manager

julia> ]
(@v1.8) pkg> add OceanRasterConversions

then press backspace to exit the package manager. To start using the package you will also need to have Rasters.jl installed (in the same manner as above but replace OceanRasterConversions with Rasters). To then use the packages type

julia> using Rasters, OceanRasterConversions

into the repl. The modules can also be loaded individually, to avoid loading in unnecessary funcitons into the workspace, by

julia> using OceanRasterConversions.RasterHistograms

and similarly for OceanRasterConversions.OceanVariableConversions.

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