This is Numerical Analysis Julia package
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I am a beginner of Julia and numerical analysis, there may be many problems, 👏 to discuss with me.🤣


here are some function:

julia > using NumericalAnalysis

Now,just have some Methods here

  • Basic
    • N the derivative, use ForwardDiff packageto calculate $\frac{dy}{dx}$, then recursive to get Nth derivative.(emmm, I feel a bit slow)
    • Taylor Polynomial, get the value nth Taylor Ploynomial.
  • Solutions for equation in one Variable(in NumericalAnalysis.SEq1)
    • Bisection function, find root
    • fixed_point function.
    • Newton's Method
    • The Secant Method
    • The False Position Method
    • Modified Newton's Method
    • Müller’s Method
  • Interpolation and the Lagrange Polynomial
    • nth Larange interpolating polynomial
    • Neville’s Iterated Interpolation
    • Newton’s Divided-Difference Formula
    • Natural Cubic Spline
    • Clamped Cubic Spline
  • Numerical Differentiation and integration
    • Differentiation
      • Three-Point and Five-Point formula
    • Integration
      • Trapezoidal Rule
      • Simpson's Rule
      • Newton_cotes
      • Romberg
      • Gaussian_Quad
    • Mutiple Integrals
      • SimpsonDoubleIntegral
      • GaussianDoubleIntegral more information in Docs.


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