Julia support for the Nearly Raw Raster Data (NRRD) image file format
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Package for reading NRRD files. Implements the FileIO interface.

Originally located in Images.jl

Writing plain NRRD headers

Normal usage is as easy as

img = load("myfile.nrrd")
img = load("myfile.nhdr")
save("myotherfile.nrrd", img)

However, if you already have a raw binary representing the "data file", the FileIO interface isn't sufficently flexible for writing just the header. Assuming you want to save "rich" axis information, a low-level approach using AxisArrays is the following:

using NRRD, FileIO, ImageCore, AxisArrays, Unitful
using Unitful: μm, s

# For a 480x640x200 image with time as the third axis,
# assuming a pixel spacing of 0.25μm and a framerate of 8fps
axy = Axis{:y}((1:480)*0.25μm)
axx = Axis{:x}((1:640)*0.25μm)
axt = Axis{:time}((1:200)*0.125s)

header = NRRD.headerinfo(N0f16, (axy, axx, axt))  # assuming N0f16 data
header["datafile"] = "mydata.raw"

open("mydata.nhdr", "w") do io
    write(io, magic(format"NRRD"))
    NRRD.write_header(io, "0004", header)

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