Manages finite element meshes powered by MeshCore.jl
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Manages finite element meshes powered by MeshCore.jl.


This release is for Julia 1.5.

The package is registered: doing

]add MeshSteward

is enough.

Depends on: MeshCore.


The user can either use/import individual functions from MeshSteward like so:

using MeshSteward: Mesh, attach!

or all exported symbols maybe made available in the user's context as

using MeshSteward.Exports


Please refer to the tutorials in the package MeshTutor.jl.


  • 12/15/2020: Tested with Julia 1.6.
  • 07/06/2020: Exports have been added to facilitate use of the library.
  • 06/17/2020: Key the stored relations with a tuple consisting of the code and a string tag.
  • 05/26/2020: First version.

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