Manifolds.jl provides a library of manifolds aiming for an easy-to-use and fast implementation.
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Package Manifolds.jl aims to provide both a unified interface to define and use manifolds as well as a library of manifolds to use for your projects. This package is mostly stable, see #438 for planned upcoming changes.

Getting started

To install the package just type

using Pkg; Pkg.add("Manifolds")

Then you can directly start, for example to stop half way from the north pole on the Sphere to a point on the equator, you can generate the shortest_geodesic. It internally employs exp and log.

using Manifolds
M = Sphere(2)
γ = shortest_geodesic(M, [0., 0., 1.], [0., 1., 0.])

Ecosystem highlights

  • A wide selection of Riemannian manifolds like spheres, hyperbolic spaces, Stiefel and Grassmann manifolds.
  • Support for optimization on manifolds using Manopt.jl.
  • Support for many operations used in optimization and manifold-valued statistics with a focus on performance and ease of use.
  • Connection manifolds.
  • Lie groups.
  • Atlases, charts and custom metrics (work in progress).
  • A lightweight interface package: ManifoldsBase.jl.
  • Differential equations on manifolds: ManifoldDiffEq.jl.
  • Finite differences and automatic differentiation on manifolds using ManifoldDiff.jl (work in progress).
  • Integration and measures on manifolds: ManifoldMeasures.jl (work in progress).
  • Functional manifolds: FunManifolds.jl (work in progress).


If you have any questions regarding the Manifolds.jl ecosystem feel free to reach us using Github discussion forums, Julia Slack, Julia Zulip or Julia discourse forums. We are interested in new applications and methods on manifolds -- sharing your work is welcome!


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To refer to a certain version we recommend to also cite for example

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for the most recent version or a corresponding version specific DOI, see the list of all versions. Note that both citations are in BibLaTeX format.