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Javis: Julia Animations and Visualizations


Javis makes generating simple animations a breeze! Want to learn more? Check out our documentation for tutorials, our contributing guidelines, and the mission of Javis.jl!

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Animation Animation
Tutorial: What Are Actions? Tutorial: Making Your First Javis Animation!
Tutorial: Taming the Elements Tutorial: Do You Know Our Mascot?
Tutorial: Rendering LaTeX with Javis! Tutorial: Using Animations.jl with Javis!


Animation Animation
Follow a Path Draw the Julia Logo


To install Javis into your Julia installation, type into your Julia REPL the following:

julia> ] add Javis

That's all there is to it! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Optional Dependency

Javis supports LaTeX and currently we need this node dependency for it. We are looking forward to the time when everything can be handled by Julia.

npm install -g mathjax-node-cli

If you don't need LaTeX, there is no reason to install this ๐Ÿ˜‰

State of development

Javis.jl is currently under heavy development but we wanted to bring you a first version after we received over 30 stars. It makes it easier to try out Javis.jl for you and we are looking forward to bug reports and issue requests. More the latter, but we expect things to fail!

Current state


Javis currently supports very simple animations with:

  • LaTeX support
  • Transformations
  • Subactions
  • Drawing grid lines
  • Morphing one shape into another
  • Image Viewer (; liveview=true)
  • Compatibility with Animations.jl

Future goals

We have a list of issues for v0.3.0 and beyond which contain things like:

  • Animating transposing a matrix using morphing PR #175
  • Combine actions into layers/collections
  • Polar coordinates
  • Vectors
  • ...

Read more about the current state and our vision

Make sure to add a feature request if you think we miss something fundamental or something that would be nice to have.


We want to thank a couple of people who helped make this possible.

Core Inspirations


  • @sudomaze for helping out with tutorials and feedback for v0.1.0
  • @mythreyiramesh helping with cleaning up tutorials
  • @briochemc for spotting and cleaning up tutorial typos and grammar
  • @ric-cioffi for adding the Julia Logo example and for feedback
  • @findmyway for fixing typos in documentation
  • @ArbitRandomUser for cleaning up the LaTeX code base
  • @agerlach for improving the internal LaTeX parsing
  • @matbesancon for adding in an example on projections and for identifying an issue with Javis image processing
  • @Sov-trotter for implementing the Jupyter viewer