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This library adds several functions useful for doing math on integers. Most of these are GMP wrappers that may have faster implimentations for smaller integer types.


  • iroot(x::Integer, n::integer) the integer nth root of x. Specifically, this is the largest integer a such that a^n <= x. Note that n must fit into an Int64 (for GMP compatability).
  • ispower(x::Integer) return if there are integer base and exponent>1 values such that base^exponent = x.
  • find_exponent(x::Integer) returns the largest possible integer exponent such that base^exponent = x for some base. Returns 1 for x ∈ [0,1].
  • is_probably_prime(x::Integer; reps=25) returns if x is prime. Will be incorrect less than 4^-reps of the time.

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