Unofficial Julia client for the Google Maps/Places API
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Google Maps

Unofficial Julia client for the Google Maps/Places API.

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This package is an unofficial Julia client for the Google Maps/Places API.

The Google Maps API requires an API key. See the Google Maps API Documentation to request one.


Install the latest release:

]add GoogleMaps

or the development version from GitHub:

]dev git://

GoogleMaps.jl expects your API key to be stored as an environment variable named GOOGLE_MAPS_KEY.


using GoogleMaps

timezone((37.4226128, -122.0854158))


GoogleMaps.jl is an Open Source project and there are different ways to contribute.

Please, use GitHub issues to report errors/bugs or to ask for new features.

Contributions are welcome in the form of pull requests. Please follow these guidelines:

  • Follow the Google Maps/Places API documentation (e.g. preserves the response contents).
  • Write code against the master branch but pull request against the dev branch.
  • By making a pull request, you're agreeing to license your code under a MIT license.
  • Types and functions should be documented using Julia's docstrings.
  • All significant code should be tested.


  • Type names are camel case, with the first letter capitalized.
  • Function names, apart from constructors, are all lowercase. Include underscores between words only if the name would be hard to read without.
  • Names of private (unexported) functions begin with underscore.
  • Separate logical blocks of code with blank lines.
  • Generally try to keep lines below 92-columns, unless splitting a long line onto multiple lines makes it harder to read.
  • Use 4 spaces for indentation.
  • Remove trailing whitespace.


Contributors should adhere to the Julia community standards.

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