🧬High-performance genetics-related data visualization using Makie.jl
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GeneticsMakie.jl supports Julia v1.6 or later.

julia> ]
pkg> add GeneticsMakie




Visualize 1 Mb window around KMT2E gene:

Highlight KMT2E gene and several nearby genes:

Visualize KMT2E isoforms:

Visualize KMT2E and nearby isoforms simultaneously:

Visualize KMT2E isoforms w/ randomly generated expression

Visualize LD for KMT2E locus:

Visualize LD as a square for KMT2E locus:

Visualize GWAS results for KMT2E locus:

Visualize GWAS results for KMT2E locus with the same reference SNPs for LD:

Visualize Manhattan plot:

Visualize Miami/Hudson plot:

Visualize QQ plot of P values:

Further examples

Patterns of association and LD:

Colocalization of GWAS signals:

Association results across multiple phenotypes:

MHC association for schizophrenia with increasing sample size:

LD structure for ~66,000 SNPs in MHC region:


Kim et al., (2022). GeneticsMakie.jl: A versatile and scalable toolkit for visualizing locus-level genetic and genomic data. Bioinformatics,

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