Finite Element tools in Julia: Vibration of elastic solids partially or fully submerged in inviscid fluid
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FinEtoolsVibInFluids: Vibration of elastic objects in fluids

FinEtools is a package for basic operations on finite element meshes. FinEtoolsVibInFluids is a package using FinEtools to solve problems of free vibration in fluids.

Fu, Price clamped plate, vibration mode 5Fu, Price clamped plate, vibration mode 5, pressure field on the surface.


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How to test the package

Here is a record of a session to install this package and test it. You should see something similar. The git bash running on Windows 10 was used in this example.

Clone the repo:

PetrKrysl@Spectre MINGW64 /tmp/exp
$ git clone
Cloning into 'FinEtoolsVibInFluids.jl'...

Change your working directory, and run Julia:

$ cd FinEtoolsVibInFluids.jl/

PetrKrysl@Spectre MINGW64 /tmp/exp/FinEtoolsVibInFluids.jl (master)
$ ~/AppData/Local/Programs/Julia/Julia-1.5.0-DEV/bin/julia.exe

Activate and instantiate the environment:

julia> using Pkg; Pkg.activate("."); Pkg.instantiate()   
Activating environment at `C:\Users\PKrysl\Documents\work\FinEtoolsVibInFluids\Project.toml`     

Test the package:

(FinEtoolsVibInFluids) pkg> test
Test Summary:       | Pass  Total     
Vibration in fluids |    1      1     
 43.373997 seconds (66.45 M allocations: 3.625 GiB, 5.14% gc time)    
   Testing FinEtoolsVibInFluids tests passed    


Activate and instantiate the environment:

using Pkg
Pkg.activate("."); Pkg.instantiate()

There are a number of examples, which may be executed as described in the conceptual guide to FinEtools.

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