An extension of DimensionalData.jl for EHT Julia Packages
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This package is an extension of DimensionalData.jl which provides an intuitive, self-descriptive ND-labeld data structures for Julia. This package works as a higher layer of DimensionalData.jl by reexporting its ecosystem through Reexport.jl with a set of custom functions for DimArray and DimStack data types including potential overwrites of some methods.


Assuming that you already have Julia correctly installed, it suffices to import EHTUtils.jl in the standard way:

using Pkg


As EHTDimensionalData.jl will reexport all features exporeted from DimesinalData.jl along with custom mehods, you will need to import only EHTDimensionalData.jl.

using EHTDimensionalData

If you need to import both DimensionalData.jl and EHTDimensionalData.jl for some reasons, please import or using only specific functions to avoid conflicts.


The development of this package has been finantially supported by the following programs.

The National Radio Astronomy Observatory is a facility of the National Science Foundation operated under cooperative agreement by Associated Universities, Inc.