ClimaAtmos.jl is a library for building atmospheric circulation models that is designed from the outset to leverage data assimilation and machine learning tools. We welcome contributions!
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Atmosphere components of the CliMA software stack.

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ClimaAtmos.jl is the atmosphere components of the CliMA software stack. We strive for a user interface that makes ClimaAtmos.jl as friendly and intuitive to use as possible, allowing users to focus on the science.

Installation instructions

Recommended Julia: Stable release v1.8.5

Download the ClimaAtmos source with:

$ git clone

Now change into the ClimaAtmos.jl directory with

$ cd ClimaAtmos.jl

To use ClimaAtmos, you need to instantiate all dependencies with:

$ julia --project
(v1.8) pkg> instantiate

Running instructions

Currently, the simulations are stored in the test folder. Run all the test cases with:

$ julia --project=test test/runtests.jl


If you're interested in contributing to the development of ClimaAtmos we want your help no matter how big or small a contribution you make! It's always great to have new people look at the code with fresh eyes: you will see errors that other developers have missed.

Let us know by opening an issue if you'd like to work on a new feature.

Here is the rule of thumb coding style and unicode usage restrictions.

For more information, check out our contributor's guide.