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Julia package to provide notes and features for using Julia to address typical problems from the undergraduate calculus sequence.

The notes may be read at Calculus with Julia.

The notes expect that this package is installed, as it also provides a handful of conveniences for the task.

In addition to the html pages, there are other versions of the same material that can be generated, such as ipynb notebooks or pdf files. These are available by installing the package and running


The named argument build_list defaults to build_list=(:script,:html,:pdf,:github,:notebook) which has all the output formats specified. This can be customized as desired.

The files are built in the package directory, available through the command pathof(CalculusWithJulia).


This is a work in progress. To report an issue, make a comment, or suggest something new, please file an issue. In your message add the tag @jverzani to ensure it is not overlooked. Otherwise, an email to verzani at will also work.

To make edits to the documents directly, a pull request with the modified *.jmd files in the CwJ directory should be made. Minor edits to the *.jmd files should be possible through the GitHub web interface. The *.html files are generated using Julia's Weave package. This need not be done.