AWS S3 Simple Storage Service interface for Julia.
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AWS S3 Interface for Julia

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using AWSS3
using AWS # for `global_aws_config`

aws = global_aws_config(; region="us-east-2") # pass keyword arguments to change defaults

s3_create_bucket(aws, "my.bucket")
s3_enable_versioning(aws, "my.bucket")

s3_put(aws, "my.bucket", "key", "Hello!")
println(s3_get(aws, "my.bucket", "key"))


This package exports the S3Path object. This is an AbstractPath object as defined by FilePathsBase.jl, allowing users to use Julia's Base file system interface to obtain information from S3 buckets. See the below example.

julia> using AWSS3, AWS, FilePathsBase;

# global_aws_config() is also the default if no `config` argument is passed
julia> p = S3Path("s3://bucket-name/dir1/", config=global_aws_config());

julia> readdir(p)
1-element Vector{SubString{String}}:

julia> file = joinpath(p, "demo.txt")

julia> stat(file)
  device = 0,
  inode = 0,
  mode = -rw-rw-rw-,
  nlink = 0,
  uid = 1000 (username),
  gid = 1000 (username),
  rdev = 0,
  size = 34 (34.0),
  blksize = 4096 (4.0K),
  blocks = 1,
  mtime = 2021-01-30T18:53:02,
  ctime = 2021-01-30T18:53:02,

julia> String(read(file))  # fetch the file into memory
"this is a file for testing S3Path\n"

julia> rm(file)  # delete the file