Yet Another XArray-like Julia package
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Yet Another XArray-like Julia Package

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Install the YAXArrays package:

pkg> add YAXArrays

You may check the installed version with:

] st YAXArrays

Start using the package:

using YAXArrays

Quick start

Let's assemble a YAXArray with 3 RangeAxis, i.e. time, x,y and a CategoricalAxis with two variables.

axlist = [
    RangeAxis("time", range(1, 20, length=20)),
    RangeAxis("x", range(1, 10, length=10)),
    RangeAxis("y", range(1, 5, length=15)),
    CategoricalAxis("Variable", ["var1", "var2"])]

and the corresponding data.

data = rand(20, 10, 15, 2)

You might also add additional properties via a Dictionary, namely

props = Dict(
    "time" => "days",
    "x" => "lon",
    "y" => "lat",
    "var1" => "one of your variables",
    "var2" => "your second variable",

And our first YAXArray is built with:

ds = YAXArray(axlist, data, props)
YAXArray with the following dimensions
time                Axis with 20 Elements from 1.0 to 20.0
x                   Axis with 10 Elements from 1.0 to 10.0
y                   Axis with 15 Elements from 1.0 to 5.0
Variable            Axis with 2 elements: var1 var2 
Total size: 46.88 KB

Getting data back from a YAXArray

For axis can be via .


and the complete data for one of our variables, i.e. var1 can be accessed via:

ds[variable = "var1"].data

For more please take a look at the documentation.