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This is a Julia package to read and write the WAV audio file format.

WAV provides wavread, wavwrite and wavappend functions to read, write, and append to WAV files. The function wavplay provides simple audio playback.

These functions behave similarly to the former MATLAB functions of the same name.


julia> ]
pkg> add WAV

Getting Started

The following example generates waveform data for a one second long 1 kHz sine tone, at a sampling frequency of 8 kHz, writes it to a WAV file and then reads the data back. It then appends a 2 kHz tone to the same file and plays the result.

using WAV
fs = 8e3
t = 0.0:1/fs:prevfloat(1.0)
f = 1e3
y = sin.(2pi * f * t) * 0.1
wavwrite(y, "example.wav", Fs=fs)

y, fs = wavread("example.wav")
y = sin.(2pi * 2f * t) * 0.1
wavappend(y, "example.wav")

y, fs = wavread("example.wav")
wavplay(y, fs)


Experimental support for reading and writing CUE and INFO chunks has been added in version 1, via the functions wav_cue_read, wav_cue_write, wav_info_read, wav_info_write. See their respective help text for details.

Other Julia Audio Packages

LibSndFile is another Julia audio file library. It supports more file formats (including WAV) and implements a more powerful playback interface, all based on libsndfile.

Required Packages