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A package to simulate single timeseries model-based ERPs, fMRI activity, pupil dilation etc. If you have one channel, it is a timeseries of (overlapping) event-related activity and some noise - you might have fun here!

Many Tutorials, Guides, How-Tos and References available in the documentation!



data,evts = UnfoldSim.predef_eeg(;n_trials=20,noiselevel=0.8)

Produces continuous "EEG" with PinkNoise and some Overlap between 20 events

Slightly longer

# start by defining the design / event-table
design = SingleSubjectDesign(;conditions=Dict(:condA=>["levelA","levelB"])) |> d->RepeatDesign(d,10);
# next define a ground-truth signal + relation to events/design with Wilkinson Formulas
signal = LinearModelComponent(;
        formula = @formula(0~1+condA),
        β = [1,0.5]
# finally, define some Onset Distribution and Noise, and simulate!
data,events = simulate(Random.MersenneTwister(1),design, signal,  UniformOnset(;offset=5,width=4), PinkNoise());        

All components (design, components, onsets, noise) can be easily modified and you can simply plugin your own!