A collection of functions to analyze phonetic data
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Phonetics.jl logo: A capital P with a sine wave traveling through it

Phonetics.jl can be installed with

] add Phonetics

Phonetics.jl is a collection of functions that are useful for processing phonetic data. "Phonetic data" is a term used in a broad sense to include, for example, transcriptions, sound files, and acoustic measurements like formant values. Functions are added to this package over time. Most functions are described in the documentation.

As an example, a recording of the sentence "I want a spectrogram" can be plotted with the following bit of code:

using Phonetics
using WAV
s, fs = wavread("iwantaspectrogram.wav")
s = vec(s)
phonspec(s, fs)

A spectrogram of the phrase "I want a spectrogram"

If you have questions about the package, please feel free to use the Discussions feature on this repo.